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April 12, 2022 2 min read

We're the world's first upcycled barleymilk! For April, we are devoting the month to making Portland the City of Second Chances for Food, People, and the Planet. Because - for Earth Day - we don't just do the "beer" minimum! 

We're giving away free barleymilk and barleymilk lattes all over Portland for all of earth month! 

Barleymilk is the ONLY plant-based milk using an upcycled ingredient: spent grain from beer-brewing (hence the beer pun). When barley is used to make beer, only the sugars (starches) are extracted. What is leftover after that process is spent grain, which typically goes to landfills as waste or given to livestock as feed. What we discovered was that, without all those starchy sugars, spent grain has highly concentrated amounts of protein and - when given a second chance - becomes an incredibly rich, nutritious, tasty milk. 

In celebration, we are giving away FREE barleymilk and barleymilk lattes all over our home here in the Rose City to actively take food waste out of our system, while getting delicious, plant-based calcium-rich milk into the bellies of more Portlandians FOR FREE. (Did we mention, it's FREE?)

That's not all! Any lucky local who posts about Take Two in Portland this month on Instagram, enters a contest to win a FULL YEAR'S SUPPLY of Take Two barleymilk and enough glorious swag to help anyone be the Queen or King of Upcycling. 

  • Post a photo of yourself in front of the Take Barleymilk Billboard on the 405 entering Portland

  • Post a selfie of you in front of the shelf where you spot Take Two Barleymilk at New Seasons, Whole Foods Market, Market of Choice, or Fred Meyer

  • Post a photo of you with the 6ft Blow-Up Take Two Barleymilk at any location in Portland, including:
    April 14th: Blend Coffee
    April 15: Wild Rose Café
    April 22: Celebrating Earth Day at Happy Cup on N Williams with Iced BarleyMocha for all!

On the first of May, we will proudly display the amount of grain, water, and emissions saved by Portland during Earth MONTH at an exclusive Mother's Day Brunch, where we will be gifting upcycled barleymilk via our parter, Imperfect Foods.

Our barleymilks are available for 25% off using discount code "UPCYCLEFORYOURMOTHER." Follow along @taketwofoods on TikTok and Instagram.