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Barista Barleymilk Latte

August 01, 2021

Barista Barleymilk Latte

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Barista Barleymilk is here. Its creamy texture and slightly sweet flavor is perfect for use in coffee creations of all kinds — from hot and frothy, to cold and refreshing. This traditional latte recipe is a simple classic: your favorite espresso, our Barista Barleymilk, and any delightful syrups or spices of your choice. Or, substitute brewed coffee in place of the espresso for a café au lait. Barista Barleymilk froths and foams perfectly, allowing you to create drinks at home that rival even the best coffee shops around!

Barista Barleymilk Latte

• 2 shots espresso
6 - 8 oz Barista Barleymilk
• Optional: 1 oz of your favorite flavored syrup, or 1 tsp of your favorite spice (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, turmeric, etc.)

Step 1
Consider whether you’re in the mood for hot and frothy, or cold and refreshing!

Step 2
For a hot latte, begin to heat and froth 6-8 oz Barista Barleymilk.

Step 3
Pull 2 shots of espresso. Use 6-8 oz of hot brewed coffee for a café au lait, or cold brew for a cold brew latte.

Step 4
Pour espresso into mug, or a glass with a generous amount of ice.

Step 5
Optional: Add flavored syrup or spices into espresso and stir gently.

Step 6
Slowly add perfectly-frothed-and-foamed barleymilk, or pour cold barleymilk right out of the bottle

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