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Take Two Barleymilk & Cookie Blizzard

August 01, 2021

Take Two Barleymilk & Cookie Blizzard

The same creamy deliciousness of traditional blizzard, but plant-based and made from upcycled ingredients: Take Two Barleymilk and Renewal Mill Oat Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix!


Take Two Barleymilk & Cookie Blizzard

Prep Time: 10 minutes

• Renewal Mill Oat Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
• 3 tbsp Take Two Chocolate or Vanilla Barleymilk
• ⅓ chocolate protein powder, or cacao powder
• 2 cups bananas, frozen and sliced
• Optional toppings: chocolate chips and/or crushed nuts

Step 1
Either follow instructions on the package to make Renewal Mill Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies (using mix, water, and oil), or use mix to make cookie dough.

Step 2
While cookies are baking or cookie dough is setting, combine bananas, protein/cacao powder, and Take Two Barleymilk in a blender or food processor.

Step 3
Mix on high until you've got a thick, smooth and creamy, blizzard-like consistency.

Step 4
Break cookies into chunks, or make small scoops of cookie dough, to be added to the blizzard base.

Step 5
Mix cookies or cookie dough into the blizzard base with a spoon, so chunks stay intact.

Step 6
Enjoy immediately, or place in the freezer for ~1 hour until firm.

Step 7
Optional: top with chocolate chips and/or crushed nuts.