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Take Two + SAMBAZON Acaí Protein Smoothie Recipe

October 29, 2021

Take Two + SAMBAZON Acaí Protein Smoothie Recipe

Take Two Barleymilk features the world's most sustainable protein, upcycled barley. It's delicious, nutritious and a sustainable plant-based milk that functions like traditional dairy. SAMBAZON provides a solution that helps the Amazon Rainforest and supports your health and wellness. Together it's a recipe for mission driven deliciousness.

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Take Two + SAMBAZON Acaí Protein Smoothie

• 2 SAMBAZON Original Blend Acaí
• 1 c Take Two Unsweetened Barleymilk - Refrigerated
• 1 scoop Nut Butter
• 1 Banana

Step 1
Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until creamy and smooth. Note, add additional barleymilk as needed to achieve your preferred consistency.

Step 2
Serve immediately and enjoy!