Take Two Foods will be stopping production and ceasing operations. Last Chance at 50% OFF, Use Code: GOODBYE2YOU. Please be patient with shipping and fulfillment with new orders.

When you drink Take Two you’re helping create second chances for food, people, and the planet. Take Two is on a mission to give barley, and anything else that comes our way, a second chance.

We’re reimagining our relationship with the limitless potential of food waste, and that means, no grain of barley is left unused. All 8+ billion pounds of it!

Ready to join our delicious mission to help preserve our planet? Learn more about simple, meaningful actions all of us can take to grow and forward the food system solutions that are also climate change solutions. Read “Food System Challenges” and “Plant-rich for the Planet” on our blog to learn more.

The Impactulator

The Upcycled Barley Impact Calculator
We’re helping show how, together, we can help the environment! Introducing the Upcycled Barley Impact Calculator. We call it The Impactulator.
Every gallon* of Take Two Barleymilk saves: