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Now, your morning lattes help shrink landfills. Our Barista Barleymilk has 3g complete plant protein per serving and 10% more calcium per serving than dairy milk. One bottle of Barista Barleymilk (32 fl oz) saves over ⅓ lb of spent grain from going to waste, which in turn avoids about 1 lb of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the same as driving over 1 mile in a car, or charging over 50 smartphones. The upcycled barley in one carton of Barista Barleymilk also conserves over 30 gallons of water, which is the same as taking about 2 showers. 


It also outperforms other plant-based milks when used in recipes. From savory to sweet dishes, and in coffee, lattes, baking, cooking, blending, and drinking - we’ve got you covered!